Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 3 to Monday Sept 9

Yeah, there's no rugby going on these days. .... at least in my world.

It was weird, this past Saturday, hanging around the house, looking after kids. Weird, I tell you.

I might have played rugby ... I did get invited, but had to look after my kids. So .. it was a no.

I might have trained, but my body has been so sore. The summer's rugby and not giving a crap what I put in it has taken a toll. More so than I thought.

I've been taking a long look at pictures of myself on Facebook and on this blog- and I'm not liking what I'm seeing.
So, I've switched up my training.

I did sprints all summer and I'm in not bad shape for beer league rugby. I'm not happy with what I look like, so ... I started back to nice runs in the evening to augment a change in diet.

Reduced the number of stupidly high calories I was taking in and increasing the BMR with runs and crossfit like sessions in my garage.

Yesterday I did a 5 k run, tonight I did a 3.5k run - and tomorrow I get back to the circuits that used to make me happy.

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