Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Sept 1-Mon Sept 2

Sunday I had to drive home from the cottage ... a long drive, with my two year old using every octave of his range in his self titled opera "Bug Daddy". It was a tragedy which ended at the three hour mark with him finally falling asleep.

Of course, it's a three hour drive to the cottage. He fell asleep at the last turn before my drive way.

I cleaned up the house and had a lot of time to myself, after telling everyone to please leave me alone.

Monday was a smidgen better, but my body hates that drive. In any case, I did a 3.5 k run, a very slow run at that ... around my "New" neighbourhood. It was a nice night for it - about 20 degrees with little humidity. I got news for myself ... the summer is over.

After the shower ... I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Sad, really, what a rugby season and not caring what you eat will do to a body.

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