Monday, September 16, 2013

Wed, Thursday, Friday Sept 13 and Saturday Sept 14

Wednesday was a running night - after the kids were in bed, I did a short run ... like 3.5k or something just to clear my legs.

Thursday was a rugby training night, except no one showed up. Well, that's not 100% true. less than 10 guys showed up for training and played touch 7's with the u16 team. Me? 'm not one for 7's rugby, nor one for touch.

I got this done for four rounds before heading home to make a decision.

20 kb swings
10 -15 kb snatches
10 kb swing and releases
10 60lb bag cleans to overhead presses.

Friday I stretched and rested and got ready to play for another club.

Saturday I played 3/4 of a game at prop. Some good solid rugby with some really not so solid rugby. Meh, another late penalty missed opportunity. We were down 19-0 at the half, were winning 29-24 with a few minutes left and then ... they scored. Kick it into touch, pedantic rugby was overlooked. Life goes on. More rugby next week and going on into the spring.

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