Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday Saturday and Sunday Sept 22

Friday was a rest day - I had to run around like an idiot all day. When I got home, I just crashed. I did do some walking with my kids and some rolling on a ball for recovery, but not much else.

Saturday is a rugby day. It was not as I was expecting, to be frank. Of the front row, I was the only healthy one. The hooker couldn't throw or hook. The loose head twisted his ankle last week and really didn't recover. The lock behind me was lighter and shorter than I was and didn't like to drive. He also kept slipping in the mud. More than once, he ended up with me sitting on his chest. Not a pleasant experience, I'm sure.

It was chilly and rainy and a buddy ended up with some fun additions to his scar collection. For me, it was ruck, ruck, and scrum. Lineouts and scrums were messy all day. Meh, the beer was cold.

I got home and spent the rest of the day trying to scrub the dirt out of various places.

Sunday was a rest day - did some recovery, but not very much as it was a pretty busy place. At least I got my meals planned for the week ahead of time.

Monday will be cool.

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