Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Nov 11

Lest we forget.

Saturday was a slack day for me - well, except chasing little kids around. I did get a short run in, much ot the delight of my wife. I did a mixed bag of kettlebell things with my youngest in the garage later, but I did the run by myself.

Sunday was another chase everything around including my tail day. I did get to play with my youngest in the garage, but instead of training, I was on my roller or my ball, rolling out my muscles. I did also get a run in, too.

Monday ... Monday I was back at work, but got a chance to do some double kettlebell timed lifts again.

six rounds of three minutes of either double kettlebell clean and presses / snatch
40 seconds rest between rounds.

I'm pretty sure I'll get a run in later, too.
Not sure I like the feel of Nike+ now ... 

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