Monday, November 25, 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday was a wash - tied up all day and night with family stuff. I needed a rest day, anyway. My legs were so sore I had problems getting up and down stairs at Copps Coliseum. Nice way to meet the Bishop, though.

Saturday was a better day - I still didn't get a workout done, but I did get the door fixed. The garage door came off a hinge a few weeks ago and I got it fixed. My son was being helpful and so I got the chin up bar moved, too. I basically have the same set up as I did in the old garage. Now I just need to move the stereo and we're all good. I did do some soul searching about getting the tire from my rugby club. I'm wondering if my groin is hurting as much as it is currently, would bringing a huge tire to lift be a good idea? I just don't know. Although ... I did say I was going to take it ... might have to pick it up just for that reason.

Sunday was a wash as well. I did get some time made available to me to train, but then I "wasted" it when I cleaned up my basement and running preparation area. Basically, it's part of the basement I use to get dressed for an outdoor run in the winter. It's pretty rad and a necessity, too. I find that if I don't carve out these places within my house, I lose the whole thing. At least there's a space that I can use for just running and another that the entire family has available for training.

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