Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Oct 7

Not sure what happened with the last two posts ... they switched somehow ... technology is awesome, isn't it? Especially when my brain helps out somehow...

In any case, I got this done before having to go be a grown up.
I split up the work out into two sets, doing both sets four rounds before calling it a day. I did this workout at a moderate pace, but not really stopping unless I had to change a weight or the music.

Set one
230 lb deadlift - x 8-10
10 ab roll outs
10 double kb overhead press - used the 30 lb
10 hanging knee tucks
Set two
10 bench flies - finished with 40 lb dbs
10 bench rows
10 reverse bench flies- 10 lbs only

Good workout, I'll crank up the second set next time. I'd also include some Bw or Kb goblet squats, too.

Touch Rugby starts today, too.

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