Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Nov 26

Ok, so today ... feeling like an idiot...and then not.

The part that isn't helping is that I'm stuck on my to do list. I have about fifty things on my that list and just can't seem to make any headway on it. No one has noticed, yet. But that time is coming.

A buddy of mine went to play rugby this past weekend. It was cold, lots of wind with snow and lots of stress outside. They wore some warm clothes to play, but then went out and were silly after. He's sick.

Me? I spent the day cleaning up my gym. I'm healthy.

So, this is the part of things that made me feel like a genius.

In any case, I got a conditioning session done today. I'm working on my fitness this winter. I don't need to get any bigger, man.

10 rounds of "boxing" - really just throwing punches.

2 minutes of throwing punches
1 minute of two handed kettlebell swings

It doesn't sound like all that .. but it was hard, man.

Here's my lunch:

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