Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Aug 17

The fat lady sang ... and had a few of these after the games today

There are only two words I needed to keep in mind this day, and I forgot about them:

Match preparation.

I didn't eat at all, really, before trying to play in two rugby games. I had lots of water, just nothing to eat, except an apple. That's just not enough energy to get through two games.

What. An. Idiot.

I got through the first game all right. No worries. Even had a few minute break before I noticed how many guys had called in sick or vacation for the day. A really different team this week from last week.

In any case, I got to about the 65th minute of the second game on my calves just went "no". Not as seriously painful as other times I have cramped out on a rugby pitch, but severe enough. I subbed myself off.

In any case ... with the coach still away and the president of the club more concerned with the Ontario Blues game at the end of the day ... I got asked to be a replacement for the first team.

What could I say? I had to say no. There was really no way I could play.

I had a couple of Gatorades to help with the cramping and then had a shower, then a lot of water, then Somersby.

The season is over, as all three teams lost by a lot on this final day.

I'll have to do some thinking on paper before I sum up the season. But I'll post my thoughts here at some time in the future.

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