Monday, August 12, 2013

Friday and Saturday Aug 10

Friday was a rest day. I needed to drink lots of water and just keep myself ready for the game on Saturday. I did do some light kettlebells and bodyweight stuff. Just enough to get a sweat going and let my body work out some of the morning aches and pains.

Saturday was an exercise in frustration. I played Seconds XV, with an excellent team. We scored 15 tries, including me catching a nice off load from a wing, scrambling 10 meters for a try under the posts. Final score was 81-0.

What was frustrating was the First XV. Didn't see the point in keeping dressed for it, so I didn't. The two other front rowers that played with me in the Second XV got in, but not me. I don't complain. So, as soon as that game was lost, I left for home and cuddled with my kids and wife.

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