Monday, August 5, 2013

Sat, Sunday and Monday Aug 5

Saturday .... I felt so bad ... no game, no rugby. I'm glad I got the game in on Wednesday. I was still sore, man. Lots of stretching, man. I also went for a long walk with my family.

Sunday... I was freaking busy for the entire day. However, I did get another walk in with my family before going to a barbecue for the afternoon and evening. Simply awesome.

Monday, again I was busy, but I got this done after the youngest went to bed, around 7pm.

Four rounds of:
can't say I look like this guy .... yet

20 step ups with hand weights (10-30 lbs, depending on the round)
10 bench flies - 30 lb dumbbells used... haven't done this one in a while
8-10 deadlifts - 150 lbs ... not my max
10 kb snatches each side
10 flat straight leg raises
10 bicep curls - 40 lbs used
10 triceps extension - 40 lbs used

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