Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday and Monday Aug 12

I was pretty sore on Sunday, so I laid low and hung out with my family. I did have some thoughts about the post season today, but it's not time to share those ideas here yet.

You never know who's reading this.

In an case, Monday I got this done early, with a little "Assistance" from my youngest:

Four rounds of:

15 step ups (first round without any weight, last 2 rounds with the new 50 lb sandbag on my back
10 kb snatches 40 lb kb used
10 bicep curls 40 lb barbell used
10 tricept extensions 40 lbs used
150 lb deadlift x 6-8
10 bench flies (40 lb db's used)
10 ab exercises

The last one changed from round to round. I tried hanging flat leg raises, but my grip gave out on me, so I sent to lying flat leg raises. Meh, it worked for me.

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