Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 19

Thursday was supposed to be a rugby day ... but I started fighting something inside my lungs. That, and I fell asleep on my mats in my garage at about 7:45pm. It was so quiet and dark. I couldn't hear my kids crying or anything ... and I seriously nodded off.

I did get to training after it was done to pay for my banquet ticket and purchase a club tie, though.

Friday was a nutso day, but at least I got some stretching done after the kids were in bed and I had a chance to clear my mind while on some mats. I also did some work on my Nanowrimo novel, too.

Saturday might have been a rugby day, but everyone in my family is suffering though the hacking cough that is going through Burlington at the moment. I stayed home from that and from a boxing clinic I signed up for a while ago. Instead I took my kids to a health food store and got stuff to clean out the lungs and to promote healthy breathing. I felt a lot better in the afternoon, though.

I got this done after the kids went to bed for three rounds:

20 kb two handed swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches each side
20 step ups to high knee each side
4-8 sand bag cleans (new sand bag is about 80 pounds!)
20 seated knee tucks

Not a bad little work out - felt awesome afterwards. I even got a chance to watch Canada Rugby lose to Argentina in an ARC Championship game legally streamed online tonight. Way cool.

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