Monday, October 7, 2013

Wedneday Oct 3-Sun Oct 6

Well, I didn't get out for a run these days, even though I'm telling myself and others that I will be running this winter. I keep making promises to myself and not keeping them.

I did meet with two guys who run training businesses near my work so I can get some training in on my lunch hours until the end of January - I'll make a decision Monday at the latest.

I did get some training in on Thursday and one other day, but it's not enough. I'm doing the same sort of "pick five" training sessions. That is "Pick five exercises and do them for three or four rounds" ... but ... going through the motions and getting some results is not good enough.

How do I know this?

Well, Sunday was the Run for the Cure, a 5k event in Burlington. I ran with a bunch of my rugby clubmates ... and was shocked at my own poor level of physical preparedness. I will point out that it wasn't my cardio vascular fitness that was lacking - it was the rest of my body. That is to say my heart and lungs weren't the problem, it was a lot of everything else.

My hips and legs were hurting before the run - I got a free five minute massage and the student doing it even commented on the tightness in my hamstrings, ITB band and hip flexors. I mean, I knew they were bad - I just hadn't realized just how bad they were. Midway through the run, I wasn't gliding along as I'm used to - every stride was short and painful. I fought with my legs and hips to keep moving. To my dismay, I also discovered that the UnderArmor compression shorts I was wearing had holes and my thighs were going to be chafed to all hell.

You know, the morning after as I sit and write this, is the horrible realization of just how bad I've let things go. I'm going to be looking at what I've been doing - training wise, but diet too - and I'm pretty sure I know what went wrong. Not enough running, a diet that went off the rails a while ago and letting too much stress build up.

Now ... time for some solutions.

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