Friday, October 11, 2013

Wed - Friday Oct 11

Wednesday was a rest day - I should have taken it, but I did.

Thursday should have been a training day, but I forgot it was a birthday - my eldest turned 11. It is an idea that is just hitting me. Strange to think that I am a responsible adult.

Friday was a "sit around and mope day" - I had a presentation to do at work and I wasn't really ready for it. Meh - there was lots of "help" from the crowd and I knew my stuff. Too bad one or two just kept asking the boss questions about my presentation.

However, after I got my son off to bed and everyone else occupied, I felt like playing in the gym. I couldn't bring in my tunes, nor use anything that would make noise. Kettlebells, barbells and body weight training it was.

I warmed up rather well as I knew I was going to do something stupid.

I have six kettlebells between 20 and 50 pounds, so I did two circuits of five single sided clean and jerks for each bell.

5 clean and jerks 20lbs (both sides)
5 c&j 25lbs each side
5 c&j 30
you get the idea ... yeah, later on, I'm feeling both of these rounds in my shoulders

then I did five rounds of:
8-10 squats with 50, 100, 150 lbs on the bar depending on the round....
20 seated knee tucks between each set of squats.

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