Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Oct 31

Tonight's going to be crazy - and tomorrow is a rest day... I was pretty sore waking up today. I didn't want to train today, but got it done anyway. The facepalm moment for today was when I didn't have a t-shirt for training and had to borrow a Lakehead University sweat shirt from the gym owner. What ever it takes, right?

I got this done for five rounds before having to go and be a grown up:
da bells

10 double kb clean and presses (35lb bells used)
10 kb rows (50 lb bells used)
50 feet farmers walk, 50 lb bells used
20 step ups with knee hike

It doesn't read like much, but I'm pretty sore after that work out. It might just be the build up from the week, or it might be just that workout. Not sure.

I also had some difficulty falling asleep last night - which isn't like me when I'm training like this. Meh - After I go out with my kids tonight, I'm going to bed.

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