Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 30

Went back to SurfFit tonight.
 I was asked how I liked it, and I answered that I did.  I was looking for something so totally different from rugby at the moment and surfing for fitness is it.

 This night was the regular instructor and I liked elements of this week and elements of last week. The class went like this:
 warm ups
ab work
some pilates on the board
some yoga on the board cruches (which I could do with some modification)
step ups step ups to body weight squats
 close grip slooooow push ups - which my shoulders minded a lot.
pilates moves warm down / stretch

 Did I sweat? Oh yeah. I was wet by the end.

 I really do like the body weight ideas of this class.

I really do need to stretch a lot more when I get home after this, though. My hips and quads, my hips especially, were hurting after. Nothing to do with the class, more to do with the character that was playing rugby behind me last two weeks.

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