Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Oct 17

Wednesday ... started off well .. I didn't feel I'd slept enough ... and I guess I hadn't. It's really a struggle to get things done and into bed on time these days. I'm not having a tough time falling asleep, but just merely getting into bed.

In any case, I got my rolling and stretching done in the early am. I'm really enjoying the feeling AFTER the stretching. Walking from my bed to the garage isn't the most fun at all.

In the PM, got a 4k run done. Lots of sweat, as it was a nice warm evening.

Thursday was a rugby night. Still got 35 players out for training. Unreal. Had almost two full packs healthy enough to work on scrums and lifts for this weekend. Shame we can only dress 22.

In any case, I'm playing 1 and throwing the line outs. Should be a good one.

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