Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 11

Thursday was another training night under the lights. At least this one was drier. Still no pics of it yet though.

Still ... I got my lot of fitness done after training. The rugby session was basically fitness with some ball handling added. I think the coach thinks I don't know that all we do is sprint, really. But at least we have a ball and we pass, too, so I guess it qualifies as rugby. Still with the 3 rounds of 5 x 30m sprints after too.

Friday was an off day at work ... that is to say I got it "off" but I had to show up and do a great deal of sitting. I was so sore from the week of training, I knew I had to get a float in, so I asked my wife if I could take another late night Friday soak down at Float Toronto. Before I did that I got a chance to get a walk in before dinner. That was a nice way to try and relax, but it really didn't work.

Later on, I felt that it was a good soak for my body ... I left there with the right physical feeling ... but not so much with the mental side this time. I have to put that down to my own errors before getting to the tank. I had way too much on my mind to truly let it all go and just be present.

To be honest, kind of a drag to let myself do that. Ah well, my legs didn't hurt.

Saturday was a rugby day ... but this time I was at a rugby tournament in nearby Waterloo Ontario. I spent the day playing rugby without warming up, eating badly and being quite silly while watching others make bad life choices. Meh, I had fun playing rugby in four or five games.

I was so sore that night ... i had to just sit and ice things. Not a lot of contact in the games, but some rucking and a lot of running. The no warm ups didn't help me either.

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