Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 8

Monday was another start to a great week of training. I got up early, as I normally do and got my rolling and stretching in. I am also slowly building up my changing area in the garage for winter runs and such.

Monday night was a 4k run. I liked it, man ... but I need to also invest in some running goo again.

Tuesday was a training night, except it was pouring rain. We are not getting as much light these days, and so we are now training under lights right beside the rugby field. Seriously it was top dressed and rather long and they let us train on it. It was so soft, too. Squishy even.

In any case, after training ... which was mostly just fitness ... I got my three rounds of 5 x 30 m sprints done.  I did not take a pic, as I didn't want to get my iPhone wet. I left as soon as I was done and went home.

Wednesday I was sore in the morning. So sore. I got my rolling and stretching done, however.

Wednesday night I went and I did another run. I can't say I will be able to run this much when my lovely wife gets back to her healthiest and goes back to her training as a swimmer ... time will tell though.

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