Monday, October 27, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Oct 26

Saturday was a rugby day. One day I will find an acceptably done version of the song on Youtube and post it to all the various social media.

In any case, I'd love to tell you all the stuff I've done in the last few months got us to the next level, but that would be wrong. We lost the deciding game in the promotion tournament.

Now ... you would think that I would be howling with lament and punching stuff. I did see a few of my teammates getting emotional, but that isn't me, man. That just isn't me. Why not?

Well, it's a secret. If you lean into your screen I'll whisper it to you .....

Are you ready?

Here's the secret .... "There is always more rugby."

There may come a day soon that I'm not the choice to be on the pitch for a First XV game on Cup Day. I've already had that happen, but when it happens next, I'll be sad. I'd rather be playing some stomping good rugby. However, I will still play on other days. I'll play with older people. I'll make sure I stay in shape and get out of the house.

I hope football players can say the same thing when they are 45.

In any case, we lost and I stayed married. It's all good.

I posted "Rugby season is over. Bring on Wrestling" to my facebook profile on Saturday night.

I also stretched and rolled Saturday night and then went to bed.

I got up early ... and stretched and rolled again.

then I went for a run later on in the day. In the change room after losing, someone said "The next season starts tomorrow." I wanted to make sure that I started tomorrow.

Which is why I'm posting this:

Finally, I'd like to punch myself on the shoulder .... this is my 900th post on this blog.

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