Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wednesday Thursday and Friday Nov 21

Wednesday was an horrible day. Terrible day. One of the worst in at least four or five years. It was snowy and I texted my wife to "Please drive carefully". The weather was so bad and her car so light, so, of course, had a single vehicle accident and made her car undriveable for the moment.
Read it and weep

She was fine, no injuries just a little woozy. Thank goodness.

So, the weather was so bad, I kept home. As did my middle child - she took her shoes with wheels (aka "Wheelies") and went into the garage. She's never really let me know how she fell, but she hurt her arm rather badly and off to the local hospital we went. Fractured radius. She's now in a cast.

When I got home very close to midnight, I recalled that I hadn't run that day. I needed a walk, regardless of the weather, and so I went for a kilometer walk.

Thursday was a zoo. I got my kilometer walk in again. I got to bed a heck of a lot earlier ... like 8pm.

Because I went to bed so early, I got up really early on Friday. I knew Friday was going to be a zoo again, and so I got my run started at 5:30am. Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I was going to go for another run later on, but just wanted the day to end. I went to bed early again.

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