Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nov 28

This was stressful. Not because of money, not because of anything under my control, not really.

People around me are trying their best to  ... I don't know how to word it exactly. Perhaps we'll just go with "be themselves" and let that be what they ask about if they read this blog.

Wednesday I started the day with my rolling and stretching in the early morning. I got home from work and knew that I had a limited window so I got a 5k run in. With that one run, I got a couple of trophies on Nike+, too.

Thursday also started with a quick rolling and stretching session in the morning. In the afternoon, I got a 3k run in 20 minutes while at GoodLife and then a quick session doing this for four rounds:

10 kb snatches (16 kilo bell used)
10 kb cleans
20 BW squats

I got home and just needed a few minutes to squeeze a nice walk by myself around my neighbourhood. I used a weightlifting show to do the walk, which really wasn't a good idea.

Friday started well with stretching and rolling, but after that was a nightmare. I got home from work and was angry at the world. I got a 5k run in. I really shouldn't have done the entire 5k, but I needed that extra few minutes to myself. I made a few decisions while running. I'm finding that I make better decisions that way than any other way these days.

After the run, I had to host my parents for a birthday party. Woo.

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