Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nov 4

Sunday was a rather excellent day.

My kids are swimmers and I had to take them to a swimming session Sunday morning starting a 7am. For the first hour, I just sort of sat and chatted with the other child who started at 8am. After that, I drove about 5 minutes away and went for a run on the shores of Lake Ontario.

This time I messed up and only got a 3k run in. I already have this in the bag for next time, and I'll do like almost a 5k run. It's all good.

Pretty, too.

After that I picked up my kids and went home and stretched.

Monday was a typical Monday ... rolling and stretching in the morning, running in the evening. Had to squeeze my run in before my wife's training session.

Tuesday ... I was rolling and stretching in the morning, and my son decided to jump off of my back while I was in child's pose. Well, he cut his forehead and I spent the next two hours at Emerg waiting for the Doctor to show up.

At least I got my run in the afternoon using my Nike+ watch and a foot monitor. It was kind of slick the way they integrated with my account on Nike+. Slick. In any case, I had to stretch after that, then went home and then ... played rugby in the rain at night for the NOBS.

That was cool, man.

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