Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday and Monday Nov 28

Sunday was a double walking day.

I still haven't hit my recommended steps, haven't hit that number for as long as I've gotten the NikeFuel app on my iPhone. Yet. Man, this sucks.

In any case, my knees were not doing so well, but I got the walks in - one by myself and the other with my wife late at night.

Both were nice.

Monday ... Monday I was just disappointed in myself. I guess I have to take a look at what I am not logging here - food and apathy are more apparent.

It's a training blog without any training. How awful is that?

I'm sore. I'm trying to do "Prehab" ... that is get my body ready for some surgery ... and I'm just not doing a good enough job.

I have to do better. I have to get myself better.


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