Saturday, July 30, 2011

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This has been quite the week, quite the July.I'm not getting sick of working out, I'm just getting tired of posting stuff online, I guess. Check out my Thursday workout:

five rounds of this while in the heat, at the rugby club:

20 two handed KB swings (30 lb bell used throughout)
10 KB snatches (each side)
10 KB cleans each side
3 TGU's each side
10 shoulderings of the heavy bag known as "Roger"...
10 ab roll outs

That was pretty good, but then followed this up with three rounds of:

5 back arch tosses of the 30 lb kb
10 BW squats

I was pretty beat after that, went into the packed rugby club, grabbed a shower and went to the bar. Of the guys I play with, I was the only one that trained that day. The kicker of it was that some were mocking me while and after my training session. Strange. Meh, it was tasty.

Friday I woke up feeling like crap. I still did my morning stretches and went for a nice long walk with my family in the afternoon heat. No game this weekend, but I'm also just starting a month off, too. It rocks.

Saturday I was feeling crappy again, mostly because my 8month old is teething. Man, maybe that's the reason I'm crapping out on this blogging.... got the morning stretching done, then got around to a lot of homeowner crap that I've been putting off for most of July. It felt good. I'm thinking after I get the kids into bed, I'm off for a walk. Something low impact, low cardio, too. Relaxing. Diet is out the window at the moment, need to get that in check.

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