Monday, July 11, 2011

Sat and Sun July 9 and 10

Well, Saturday is a rugby day, which means I should have my head screwed on right. I didn't, and I missed the kick off for the first time in ... well, ever. When I got there, clearly, it was a mess. What a drag on a rather awesome weekend, at least weather-wise.

Ate this:

Breakfast: Egg and chicken breast wrap. Coffee to drink, lots of water

Lunch: water and beer

Dinner: steak salad, beer. Garlic bread.


Nice easy day, good workout int he morning, with some active stuff with my three kids all day.

Workout: indian club work. Still need to learn the names of the moves.

Stretching and some yoga moves.

ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and toast, coffee to drink

Lunch: not much, tuna, some hummus and carrots

Dinner: chicken on salad, beer to drink.

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