Friday, July 8, 2011

Wed July 6, thursday July 7

Right, I've figured out what's up with the Macbook. Seems there is some sort of problem that is solved with folded paper in with the battery under the track pad. Tried that these two days, but still awful glad I have Rowmote to use as a backup.

At least the people I work with are impressed

Wednsday, got up late and made my way to work sans morning workout. I was really sore from Tuesday. I did some some stgretching later on in the day, after my kids were in bed.

Ate this:

Breakfast: fresh fruit, coffee on the ay in

Lunch: carrots, hummus, water, water and more water to drink

Snack: almonds, prunes

Dinner: fish and rice, beer to drink at my parents' place. Awesome.

Like I said I did some light stretching and making sure I listened to my body on off training days. Lots of injured people at the rugby club these days.

Thursday I woke up early and did this five rounds:

20 two handed swings (20 kilo bell used)
20 KB snatches (10 each side)
40 feet arm extended walks with bell up
30 BW squats
20 push ups

Ate this:

Breakfast: Belt and a coffee

Lunch carrots, almonds, prunes... lots of carrots. Lots.

Snack: water and prunes

Dinner: salad wraps - salad in a wrap with chimichirri sauce.

After training meal: chicken wraps, lots of salad in there, too. Beer to drink.

After training, did this for four rounds:

20 KB snatches (20 kilo bell used)
20 KB cleans
20 meter sprint
5 rugby line out throws for accuracy at the posts

After training, was complimented on my KB form, which was nice. New guy who has had some training with them. Nice to get noticed like that. I didn't get a lot of sleep after training, as I was helping with my son. Man, he can cry loudly.

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