Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday July 8

Today was a real ok day. Got up early for some strange reason, and did some stretching at the park across the street for about a half hour. Lots of downward dog, warrior pose and just basic planks. Shoulder stretching, too.

Felt a crapload better after, man.

Ate this:

Breakfast: coffee and a belt on the ay in. I have to change this before it kills me.

Lunch: Carrots, almonds, prunes. Water, water and water.

Dinner: chicken pasta with a side salad. Wine to drink.

Glad the week is over, tomorrow is a rugby day.

Got a chance to talk about over training yesterday. That is, training a lot while "in season" for rugby. I know I am doing a lot of stuff, and I'm hoping that it helps me stay uninjured. I mean, really, I'm doing all of this to just get back to being healthy, but being uninjured during rugby season while 41 years old is also a nice perk.

PS, I really do suck at tackling.

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