Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 30 - July 3 Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sunday

This was a long weekend here in Canada. I got a chance to take off a little early from work on Thursday (like a half hour, boss, relax) and beat some of the traffic.

Man, the rest is a blur of MovNat workouts on the hill and in the lake, delicious meals, laughter and generally reconnecting with those in my family. My sister and her family arrived on Saturday night, we laughed and did fun stuff.

All in all, I did a lot of fun workouts. Here is a typical workout:

warm ups with short stair walking/stretching. Carrying lumber up to be cut into firewood

Bigger logs carried up same hill
cut down tress taken from the private property I'm on, up the same hill
more smaller branches up the hill

total of five rounds up and down the hill.

Then onto a swim, getting logs and other debris from the shoreline, out to twenty feet of water. On several occasions, I'd sink to a log, lift it with my legs to my arms, and swim with it for 15 or so meters.

Man, I lost count how many times I did that over three days.

I felt stronger, although I will confess that on the last trip up the hill, after saying farewell to my family, I took the hill rather slowly. Sore and full of regret.

Back to work on Monday, 8am.

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