Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wed June 29

Woke up late today ... late for me is 6:15am.

Got to work, did some stuff. Made the boss happy. Which is always what I want from work. Felt like death, however.

Picked up some chimichurri sauce for the weekend today. Made it home and just went to town on it. It's awesome stuff, man. Good on steak (or meat) and pretty good on bread, too.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs with coffee

Lunch: half a bagel with cream cheese, water to drink.

Dinner: pizza and chimichurri sauce, a beer to drink. I just didn't want any. SOmething's wrong ... ;)

Did some mobility work, but my legs are still really stiff from workouts of late. Ugh, rugby is taking a toll on my body. Can't wait for this weekend and a lot of MovNat and recovery type of stuff. Something different.

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