Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday June 12

I needed some recovery work done today. I wanted to get up early and do something, unlike weeks previous where I just lay in bed. This time, I used my children to guilt myself into getting out of bed and getting some work done.

I woke them up about 6:30 am, got ready myself and took my van to the beach. Of course, my van just happens to have a kettlebell in the back ... and so I got to the beach and got this done for four rounds:

warm up : constant movement for ten minutes: skipping, sprinting, leg lunges, arm circles, squats, literally anything.

four rounds of this:

30 two handed KB swings
20 KB jerks each side
30 feet farmers walk/suitcase walk/waiter walk
30 BW squats

I should have included some of Mark deGrasse's "Beach Animal Movements", as ther was no one on the beach at that hour... but I forgot. Still it was cool to get back to my house, have a shower, then go to church.

Way cool.

Ate this:

Before workout: water

After church: eggs, strawberries, melon, coffee to drink

snack: almonds and banana

Dinner: two slices of pizza, beer to drink.

the last meal of the day was a result of poor planning, but at least I got a chance to sit with my kids and eat as a family. I'm serious, that is this week's top priority: eating with my family forces me to eat better, and so that is what I will work on.

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