Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday and Tuesday June 20 and 21

I dunno ... got me some case of the "Idunwannas" right now. There's a lot of stuff that is being pushed aside for no real good reasons, really.

What ever.

Monday, I was sore. A rugby game and a 5k obstacle course will do that to a set of legs. Work is leveling off at the moment in terms of stress, for which I am eternally grateful. I am getting through the days with grace and humour.

I ate this:

Breakfast: fresh fruit, oatmeal. Coffee on the way in

Snack: water

Lunch: salmon sandwich, veggies and water

Dinner: steak with veggies and salad. Beer to drink.

Recovery walk for about 3k's through a local park. I promised myself I'd do it after the winter had gone. Interesting space to work out in; some steep hills, too.

Tuesday I was really sore. Legs, back were just out of whack. Quads especially.

I ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with coffee

Snack: water

Lunch: tuna sandwich, veggies. Water. (I peed the rest of the day every 20 minutes)

Dinner: steak sandwich, hot sauce. Water to drink.

After rugby meal: hummus with crackers and veggies.

I played most of a game of rugby tonight at training. Lots of guys were trying to be selected for the first team. Myself, I played the way I normally do: with heart and a quiet burning intensity. That is what a prop is supposed to do. At the half time break, I heard a lot of yelling from the other team. Later, I was told that the front row of the first team were fighting about how old I was and how I should be easy to beat. And yet, I wasn't letting them treat me like a bitch.

Made me feel good, in a way.

I did get kicked and stepped on the leg with the scrape from that friggin Spartan dude who tripped me. A lot of guys were interested in going next year. I'm hoping they do, 'cuz it was a blast by myself. I can't wait to train with people... ;)

After this game, I did three rounds of this:

80 lb punching bag shoulders x5 each side
10 ab roll outs
25 feet up push ups
30 bw squats.

I had a few beers watching the game I had just finished playing. I can't say I was impressed with my own play; perhaps some others might be. I got home and was sent out for a 18 l thing of water. My wife uses it to make baby formula. So, on the way home, I grabbed the 6 foot section of telephone pole that I have been eying since the snows went away in April. It's friggin' heavy. Seriously. More than 200 lbs, I'm sure. It now is drying out in my garage, waiting for me, taunting me to come and lift it.

Pics later. 12 inch diameter, six feet long of awesome.

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