Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday June 28

It's all winding down for my kids - but I still have a few miles to go until vacation.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee on the way in

Lunch: steak wraps; steak, lots of salad/veggies and hot goo in a wrap. Water to drink

Snack: water, salad

After training meal: beer.

I got to rugby training and they played a killy kicking game after warming up. That was their workout for the day. Meh, me ... I don't kick. So, I got out my training tools and cranked the tunes. By the end of my lifting session, I had four or five guys lifting and socializing along with me. I was ok with them learning how to lift, watching me use the Indian Clubs, but some of them actually tried to stop me from finishing my workout. Which was odd.

Did this four rounds:

10 ab roll outs
30 BW squats
20 KB two handed swings / flips (20 kilo bell used)
10 KB snatches (each side)
20 Indian club swings around the head.
10 IC casts each side

after I did that four rounds, I wanted to keep going, so I did three rounds of this:
5 over the head KB tosses for time
10 push ups

After this, I went inside had a beer then went home. Mah, not a bad day.

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