Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mon and Tues une 13 and 14

I'm thinking this didn't happen, as the Canucks depressed the heck out of me.

Monday, ate this:

oatmeal, coffee on the way in

Lunch was salad with tuna, hummus with veggies, water to drink

Dinner was roast beef with a salad with beer to drink

My body was hurting, so I stretched and had a few moments in the gym.

I woke up Tuesday feeling awesome. Seriously.

Ate this:

Breakfast oatmeal and a banana. Coffee on the way in

Snack water

Lunch; the same: tuna, salad, hummus, veggies

Played at least 90 minutes of rugby. Then did three rounds of this:

Farmers walks with KB and 50 lb dumbbell, 50 feet x 3
30 push ups
20 two handed KB swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 ab roll outs

after this, I did 10 full body over the head/back arch throws of the 30 lb KB.

Whoa, I'm getting kinda frunstrated with this Macbook - the touch pad is all gunked up. Needs some TLC, I guess.

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