Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday June 5

Because of the late start to the rugby game, I went to church this morning. I don't hate getting out of bed to go to church, but I prefer to go Saturday afternoon. It's just me, I guess.

Ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and toast, coffee to drink

Lunch: tuna, veggies. Water to drink

Dinner: roast beef, fresh from the pot. A little overdone, but that was because someone turned the slow cooker back on after I turned it off. Veggies, salad. Water to drink

Did a recovery workout today - my shoulders are really sore. Right bicep is just feeling funny, as is the triceps. I think I've pulled something there.

Did this four rounds:

10 BW squats
6 chin ups
20 two handed KB swings
10 KB cleans, each side

Felt good to get something done today.

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