Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday June 26, Monday June 27

Sunday was a cool day. We got up early and got to the beach, but left after only a few minutes. Seems one of my children forgot to go to the bathroom before leaving the house, and we had to go home right away.

After church, the magic happened:

then I cleaned my new log, tidied up around my garage and got the house in working order. I even did some work for work, too.

I did this for four rounds after the kids went to bed, in the park across the street from my house:

10 Kb two handed swings to flips
10 KB snatches each side
10 Kb cleans
40 feet of Kb waiter Kb farmer walks (each side)
30 BW squats

After that I got a chance to have a beer in my pool.

I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee and fruit

Snack: fresh fruit, water

Dinner: steak, veggies and rice. Beer to drink

After workout: beer

Monday was pretty cool, too

Ate this:

Breakfast - steak and eggs, coffee on the way in

Lunch: veggie wraps with hot goo and a little steak included. Water to drink

Dinner: ham and pastry at my parents' place. Beer and water to drink.

After work actually got into the now much warmer pool with my youngest two. That was kind of fun. Had some work getting the kids into bed after getting back from my parents' place, and so, no workout for the day, except for the stretching in the pool.

Tuesday is a rugby day.

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