Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saturday July 16

Saturday was a rugby day ... and rookie night.

It was friggin hot, and I thought I was going to play two games, so I took it easy. I played the first game and was soaked with my own sweat... like 38 degrees (more than 85 degrees for my American friends) with a lot of humidity. Was like playing rugby in a bowl of soup. A hot bowl of soup.

Anyway, we won both games. I was a sub for the second game. I thought I was going to get into that one. not sure if I would have been that much of a help, but I was ready. After the second game, I had a bite to eat and a few beers as I waited for my ride. In the middle of my fourth beer, they went looking for me to sub in.

Yeah, no.

I went home, then went back to the clubhouse much later to bear witness to the silliness of rookie night. I took no pictures of that, you can be assured. Some pretty silly stuff, man. I went out to the balcony as the interior of the clubhouse was really hot and was met with the following question:

"Why are such a useless fat f*ck?"

Nice, eh? Yeah, for be it for me to point out the flows of others, but I really didn't like that question. The nice thing was that before I could ask the questioner to stuff it in his own pants, two other people did it for me.

M'eh, when I was 20, I might have left straight away. As it was, being 40 now, I mingled, expressed my opinion on my own play and my training of late to the questioner, had a delightful conversation with a few others, watched some of the other antics and goings on, then left.

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