Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday July 4

Man, I'll just say it ... I'm glad America is America. Let's pause for it, even if there are things I don't like. America is a beacon of wisdom and freedom not often seen in the history of this planet.

That being said, I had to work today. I did get up at my usual time (6am) and get myself ready for work. It was odd not having to prepare lunches for my children, as they are now off for summer vacation.

I took that time and did this three rounds:

10 KB halos each direction 30 lb KB used
10 hand to hand swiches around my trunk each side
10 KB snatches
20 BW squats

I ran out of time and had to get to work. I ate this today:

Breakfast: cantalope, almonds and carrots. Coffee on the way in.

Snack: carrots and hummus. Water to drink.

Lunch: pasta, veal, salad with water to drink. A "meeting" meal. Which reminds me, I have some reading to do.

Dinner: chicken caesar salad. Beer to drink.

After I got home from work, my youngest was sleeping, so I took my daughters out and got some one inch rope and got it into my garage gym. Pics later. We played with it for a few minutes, then got dinner on. They're pretty stoked about it, as that was their weakness at gymnastics this year. That and some other floor stuff is what we are going to work on together for the next eight weeks.

A lot.

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