Monday, August 1, 2011

July 31 and Aug 1

Again, the diet is out the window ... lots of alcohol and pizza being consumed. I am working out, too

Sunday morning was an early morning workout at the beach, for four rounds did this:

30 BW squats,
30 two handed swings
20 KB snatches

It was a quick workout, man. Got it in and got out. Too many bugs.

Did this Monday for five rounds:

Indian club warm up and cool down
20 BW squats
20 two handed swings
20 KB snatches
20 feet up push ups

That was a good workout, as it was getting warmer and I wanted ot just get some work done. I did take pics, as I wanted otmake sure that people believe me. Or that I could make sure that I keep myself going....

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