Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aug 20, 21 22 23 and 24

Aug 20th was a rugby day. I was gurting at the end of the day. I was so friggin happy to hit my pool in the backyard. My ear was puffy from being headbutted all day. Sore, sore sore.

Aug 21 was a recovery day. An unreal recovery day. I felt like living death.

Aug 22 was Monday. Lots of kids stuff, spent 30 minutes stretching in the morning. Then a day with my kids. Ear was getting blue

Aug 23 was Tuesday. Rugby in the evening, stretching in the morning. I did no contact rugby tonight, instead did a lot of bodyweight training:

Seven rounds of:
10 BW squats
10 push ups

Then did some throwing, as I hook as well.

then five rounds of:
10 Picnic table military press from the knees
5 two foot take off jumps to the table top
10 feet up push ups

as a finisher did three rounds of:
10 two handed KB swings (30 KB used)
10 one handed pull swings each side
10 ab roll outs

Like I said, a lot of training, just no contact. My ear was just turning green, man.

S'all good.

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