Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 11-16

Well, I didn't get my Macbook back until Monday. Thursday was a training night for rugby. After I did a sprinting then bodyweight rounds.

Friday I did yoga/training session at the local park.

Saturday was a rugby day, at 30 degrees with the humidex. What a show. We won, but it was a tough slog.

Sunday was recovery. Lots of fluids and Advil.

Monday I was still hurting, so I did a light session and some stretching in the morning. I also moved furniture and cleaned the house.

Tuesday was a lot of moving around the house, including a couch by myself. I pulled my left leg muscles while moving stuff around. At rugby training, managed to finish a fitness test in 7;15, which was an improvement over my last effort.

But then I felt my left leg just a little too much and got off and iced it. Went home, and had my karma mess with me since then. I am planning on going back to daily posts, but not just yet.

I have also thought about investing in a membership with TapouT, which is opening a new place near my house.


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