Friday, August 26, 2011

Aug 25 and 26

Well, Thursday is a training night.

I did contact, made the first team playing in the NRU A Championship game Saturday. More than likely, I will be a sub. It's all good. In any case, after training on Thursday, did three rounds of this:

20 KB two handed swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 kb snatches each side
10 ab roll outs.

It was basically dark by the time I finished this at 8pm. Drag. I did get my roller back, too! #winning!

Friday was recovery and stretching. I'm getting ready for tomorrow and next week - lots of Mov Nat training in the forseeable future. Should be good.

Oh, and saw this:

On another note, I'm putting together a list of goals for the year, as I do every year. I did a fair number of the things from last year (Hey, I'm a parent, my year starts in September, ends in August) and all in all, thought my training went well this year. I'm thinking that I need some wrestling in my life ... and lo and behold, fate drops a Tapout gym within 5 kilometres of my house. Hell, it's beside my rugby club, man. It's cheaper and better equipped than a lot of the other gyms I said no to in the past.

I'm not sure I want to be an MMA fighter, but I'm pretty sure I could handle being in as good condition as one ...

Other goals for the year, in no particular order are: to keep up my road racing the the fall and winter. My wife wants to do the family run at Hallowe'en. That should be good. Next is: I'd like to get on with getting some sailing under my belt. It just seems as though that is the way I've wanted to move towards for a few years. Now I want to make it happen. I'd also like to get better at using my Mac technology both at work and around my house. I don't mean get Apple Certified or anything like that, but just need to be able to use the stuff I already have better. There are rumblings about me taking course work to move up at work; there are also worries about debt and taking on more work to pay it down. I'm thinking I take my technical abilities, my writing talent and put them to work ... somewhere.

About the training; I'd like to be on weight by the end of March Break for the Nationals. This year is in St Catherines. Barring any major injury or major personal financial meltdown, should be good to go. I'd also like to re-certify as a wrestling coach this winter. Should be an easy fix, just need to make sure there are no children being born into my family that weekend, like last year.... ;) I'd also like to get better with my own training gear, especially the Kbs. That's just using them and being around people who know what they are doing.

Anything else? Nanowrimo, maybe. It is a shameful festering sore that I have only won once. Meh, w/e.

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