Friday, August 19, 2011

Aug 17, 18 and 19th

Wednesday was the day that I used to clean out my garage/gym. Someone else called it a fire drill, so I did, too. Got a lot of stuff out of there, and put to the curb for the bulk pick Thursday. That was a lot of work, man. A good workout and I felt good afterwards.

Kinda gross, too. Lots of stuff I just didn't want to see.

Thursday I needed some stretching which I got done early in the morning, on the way to pick up coffee. After I helped get the youngest in bed, I went to rugby. I've never been more grateful that it was a light session. I did do some shoulder stretching stuff after, as they were both bugging me. Just wear and tear on the body, man.

Friday was another day of recovery. Stretching and getting money into my account. Insurance and other coin got into my mailbox, then into my bank account. Made me feel so much better. Saturday is a rugby day.

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