Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday April 19

I'm taking this blog to another level ... out into the open, so to speak.

I finished a contract for a second shift yesterday, so my work load got a third lighter. After this month, I go back to a third of last week's work load. At that point, I will be back at my daily training and have a focus on my nutrition as I did earlier in the year.

I'm so looking forward to that time, it is really sad.

So .. how is this blog being taken to the open, you may ask. I am allowing and encouraging people to link to the posts and the feeds from this blog on their online presences. I'm trying to use this blog to promote the use of technology in the health of people around me. I'm hoping this works for some, at least.

I have to try, youknowwhatImean?

In any case, I will finish off this blog post tonight with what I ate and what I did at rugby and after rugby.

After running around for about 40 minutes, I did this for three rounds: 10 KB cleans (each side, 40 lb bell used) 10 KB snatches 40 m sprint x 2 10 burpees 40 m sprint x 2 20 feet up push ups A bit of fitness at the end of the day; pleasant enough way to ease back into working out most days. Diet was pretty good for most of the day, too: Breakfast: smoothie - frozen berries and milk, blended. Coffee after Lunch: tuna, carrots and green pepper. Almonds and water. Dinner: Stir fry night! Rice with vegetables over the top. After training snack: chicken with rice. Water to drink.

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