Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fri and Sat April 21

Yeah, I didn't do anything on Friday.
I ate ok:
 Breakfast: smoothie
 lunch: I delayed it until later in the day, having a work get together. Samosa, other nutritionally questionable items, juice.
Dinner: one slice of pizza, thanks to that lunch.

 After that, I jsut didn't want to move. Saturday, felt a lot better - got a lot of sleep, finally.

I was up early and looking after kids.
 Breakfast: the rest of my pizza from last night
 Lunch: coffee
Dinner: burger, salad. Water to drink.

Did this for four rounds:
20 KB snatches each side (30 lb bell used)
20 KB cleans 10 hanging knee tucks
20 push ups (depending on the round, my son sat on my shoulders, too)
10 log squats (something new, instead of BW squats, I just grabbed the end of the telephone pole that I lay on the floor in my gym. I have pics, somewhere...)

 Oh, and after my workout, I went to Empire Fitness to deliver a thank you gift to Chris for Skping with my class last week. Got to see his new place. Pretty cool, man.

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