Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday and Sunday April 28 and 29

I was supposed to to go rugby today. I was also supposed to go and watch the Canadian Kettlebell competition today, too. Instead, I woke up to the messiest house ever. It was really driving me nuts, and so, after an early coffee and snack, I got to cleaning.

My kids, of course, helped by making the mess a little larger each time I tried to clean something up. However, bu midday, the house was looking pretty good. I can hardly wait until I can spend a bit of time each day cleaning instead of these marathon cleaning sessions.

I got a lot done, including a brief cleaning of the garage gym, too. And I got a workout in with my family, although it was mostly stretching on my part. But my legs were feeling it. At the end of the day, my wife and I watched a film together and chatted about next year and what we should be looking to do for jobs and with the kids.

Saturday I didn't feel good waking up, Sunday was a lot better. I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee with a banana

Lunch: (mostly) vegetable wraps - salad, hot sauce, green pepper with some roast beef in a wrap. Water to drink.

Dinner: Burgers and salad. Water to drink.

I went to bed Saturday waaaaaay to late. But I did get to bed and stayed asleep - something which is an issue with three kids and not really a lot of training going on at the moment.

Sunday I went into my office and thought about a lot of the stuff that is there. A lot of the material there I have tnot used in more than six months, a large percentage I haven't used in a lot longer time than that. I feel a purge coming on. I also found my Writer's Journal from when I went through The Artist's Way program. It was like a bonk to the side of the head. I'm going ot do that again, as it has been at least five years since the last time I really took a good look at where my life is going.

To that end, I took my son and got to Curry's for a set of writing tools and a journal. Should be cool. Need to schedule a time during the day when I get the pages done, but other than that, I'm stoked.

I ate this Sunday:

Breakfast: coffee, then church

Brunch: bacon, tomato and egg sandwich: truly an epic meal. Water to drink.

Dinner: Chicken Kiev with potatoes and water to drink. Rhubarb crumble with ice cream for dessert.

The last meal there was at my parent's place. Saw their photos from their trip to Portugal. Awesome stuff.

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