Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday and Sunday June 22

Saturday was an interesting day. I started at loosehead prop, a position I've not played since last August. It was a steep learning curve, man. At least I didn't get any penalties against me. The guy I played against was well over 400 pounds, too. He wasn't much in the free play, but in the scrums, he was immovable. All I cold do was get low and push hard.

I lifted at three in the lineouts and we won pretty close to 100% while I was on the field. I knew the calls and the plays. I was also responsible for getting the jumper down and safe, so I couldn't scramble after ball. I did forced up out of a three mauls, though. That wasn't helpful and kinda hurt. At the break, I talked to my replacement. We were up 4 tries to 1 and I was trying to get him on the pitch. I feel as though I should have stayed on, but that is sounding more like whining than I care to think about.

We won the day, but only because they ran out of time. They actually scored four tries but lost the game as their kicker was horrible. We won on kicks, basically. The final score was 20-24. There were a few glaring things from my perspective including people subbing in not knowing the lineout calls, not pushing in the scrums properly and people playing out of position for a first XV game. There were also the usual problems about missed tackles and basic handling mistakes, too.

Whatever, we won. Let's move on to Sunday

Sunday I got a nice walk in as a recovery session for my legs in the afternoon. On the beach with my kids. That was pretty cool.

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