Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friday and Saturday June 8

Friday was another flat on my back day- moving just wasn't happening. No walk, nothing. Recovery.

Saturday was rugby. I played ok- I got their hooker dangling a few times. I stole three or four balls in scrums, too. Line outs worked rather well - we scored one try off a nicely executed line out, with a redirected point of attack. 

Open play- well I got one nice open field tackle in, the rest of the time I was in and around the ruck or they went the other way. At minute 60 I was taken off.

After the game two or three gentlemen of the club came and said to me that after my replacement, the game shifted dramatically - which I guess is a compliment. 

In any case, lots of fitness to be done, lots of recovery work to be done today and this week. No league game next week as Scotland is coming to play Canada. However there are two friendlies set up- Thursday and Saturday.... 

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