Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Oct 8

This was a professional development day at my work - we were at the Marina in Oakville; a place I know quite well. Pretty cool to be inside the posh place, as opposed to being outside it.

Breakfast was a coffee and a BELT from Timmy Horton's. Yummy
Snack was coffee and Orange juice.
Lunch was a salmon salad sandwick, a salada and lots of veggies. Juice and water to drink. Coffee, too.
Dinner was ham wraps with salad and some salad dressing. water to drink.

not the best menu on the planet, but certainly not the worst one, either.

I spent the day with a high school Chaplain and motivational speaker. He was ok; I'd like to be able to email him some of the stuff I have been working on here and other places, but I'd feel odd. In any case, we had an exercise wherein I had to sit and talk to another employee and talk about some pretty personal stuff, as a request from that guy. I did get my head a bit more clear about stuff that had been nagging me; certainly I think I am a better person for having done some field work inside my head. I know that I am more clear about what should happen next - it is a matter of getting it done.

I got home at about 3pm and did the following session in my garage:

Warm up - one handed swings, snatches, bw squats, got a sweat going

Four rounds of:
One hand snatches, 10 reps each hand (30, 40, 50, 40)
One hand presses, 6 reps(same as above)
BW squats, various stances, 30 reps
TRX push ups, 10 reps
TRX recline rows.

I had to get my girls. As I was leaving, I tried to call my parents, but pushed the wrong button on my cell phone, and called a buddy who owns his own business while he was in a meeting. I need to get a hold of him tonight and apologize, man. That was funny, but kinda stupid funny. Ya dig?

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